OFCCP Affirmative Action Program Development

March 20th, 2014   •   no comments   

OFCCP Affirmative Action Program Development

March 20, 2014

Today I had the opportunity to visit the OFCCP’s Baltimore District office.  They offer a compliance assistance session for small or first- time federal supply and service contractors. The team spoke about the fundamentals on developing Affirmative Action Programs ( AAPs).

This was an informative education session regarding the federal contractors responsibility’s regarding record keeping and other equal employment opportunities (EEO) obligations.

I had quite a bit of one on one time with 3 of the top OFCCP officers and was able to discuss the biggest problems that they encounter with the new regulations going into effect on Monday March 24, 2014 and they all stressed the importance of the following subjects.

  • Record Keeping / Collect and maintain personnel activity data.

  •  Monitoring your plan for under-utilization with corrective actions.

  •  Documentation of your veterans and disability outreach programs with quantifiable results.

  •  Make sure you have the new approved contract language added to subcontracts and Purchase Orders.

  •  Include the EEO tag line in job postings (advertisements).

  •  Documentation (Proof).

  •  Provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans.

The Baltimore OFCCP office said they were extremely busy with audits and there are many more to come in 2014.

If you have any questions about the March 24, 2014 changes or the team in Baltimore please contact me at OFCCP Consulting for more details.



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